Women's Showcase, Featured Female Angler: Allison Oliver

Posted by Kara Tripp and Allison Oliver on Apr 7th 2016

Damsel Fly Fishing is all about building a community of female anglers from all "rivers" of life. We would like to celebrate these women, so once a month we well showcase a female angler. This April w … read more
5 Benefits of Learning to Fly Fish

5 Benefits of Learning to Fly Fish

Posted by Kara Tripp on Mar 19th 2016

The benefits of learning to fly fish seem to be endless. This favorite sport of mine has provided not only a career but an entire lifetime of fulfillment. With lasting benefits that most superfoods wo … read more

Meet the Founders (Part 1): Lynae Axelson

Posted by Lynae Axelson on Mar 11th 2016

Like many, I have fond memories of digging up worms and reluctantly baiting my hook. The excitement of potentially catching a fish outweighing my deep dislike of stabbing a slimy worm. I bait fished m … read more

My First Time

Posted by Lynae Axelson on Feb 26th 2016

“Cast to the right. Mend upstream. Watch your line. Wait for it, wait for it...SET THE HOOK!” Just like that I had hooked into my very first Oregon Coast Steelhead and just as quickly, I lost him as h … read more