New to saltwater fishing? Give Texas Redfish a try!

New to saltwater fishing? Give Texas Redfish a try!

Posted by Kara Tripp on NovthGMT-0600


Looking for your first saltwater destination and saltwater experience can be both exciting and overwhelming. Especially if you’re moving from trout fishing to saltwater fishing. Nearly everything is going to be different. From your flies, boat, fly lines, clothing, and equipment care, to your approach, your cast, how you present the fly and reading the water.

Booking a trip to target Redfish can be the perfect saltwater solution for those looking to break into the saltwater game. My first few saltwater trips were to Belize for bonefish, tarpon, and permit. Had I known what I now know about Redfish I think I would have reversed the two experiences.

Here’s why:

  • Easy travel destination!

My flight from Bozeman to Texas was inexpensive (under $400). The airport in San Antonio is small and easy to navigate, shuttles from the airport to the nearest Enterprise is convenient. San Antonio to Corpus Christi is an easy and straightforward 2 hr. drive. It’s domestic, which means no passport required and no insane waiting to get thru customs.

  • Opportunities

It’s important when learning something new that the experience gives you ample opportunities for success, even just a little bit of success is huge in keeping people interested enough to keep going. Redfish have hefty appetites, and there are plenty of them on the flats of the Gulf of Mexico. This makes for lots of opportunities for you to come tight to your first Redfish, while still honing in on your new saltwater skill set, like spotting fish, accurate pick up lay down cast with one good double haul, remembering how to read the face of a clock (noon, 2 o'clock, 3:30…), presenting and leading the fly just one foot in front of where the fish is headed, not where it was. Which means, that when you do go for your big Permit or Tarpon trip you will be better prepared to kick some major ass!


  • Redfish are Fun!

This is huge. Fishing for fish that love to eat makes fishing for Redfish extra enjoyable! Having fun while fishing (and safety) is the most important part to any adventure. Redfish are entertaining to watch tailing as singles but sometimes you can find schools of them tailing which is super exciting! Watching all the different scenarios play out in front of you keeps it interesting, even if you are getting all worked up and blow your shot. It’s good knowing you're learning and getting better with each added experience.


  • Redfish have Exotic friends!

During our three days of fishing in and around Port Aransas, Rockport and the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge we saw some epic National Geographic like wildlife. Wild pigs, shrimp jumping, alligators, a flock of Roseate Spoonbill, Jack’s busting bait, Peregrine Falcons, dolphins, tailing Redfish, and flocks of waterfowl from all over the world! The entire place is full of life even after Hurricane Harvey. It’s a truly beautiful landscape, one that all your sense will enjoy being stimulated by.

  • San Antonio Riverwalk

After you finish your last day of guided fishing, drive back to San Antonio where you can book a hotel near the airport. Hitch an uber to downtown San Antonio and enjoy the San Antonio Riverwalk for some dinner and hopping nightlife!  We enjoyed the excellent entertainment provided by the dueling piano bar. Bonus, the open container laws don’t apply while strolling along the river walk.

My first experience fishing for Redfish was a huge success due the the hard work and many years guide experience from the following mentors: Travis Johnson owner of All Waters Angling, local Texas guides and legends JT Van Zandt and Chuck Naiser. Thank you all, I learned so much and I can’t wait to share the experience you all bestowed upon me with others.

Wishing you could've joined in on the fun? Come with next October 2018!

Redfish Trip - Rockport Texas

Host: Kara Tripp

When: 20-24 October, 2018

Rates: $2,800

Availability: 6 Spots

Includes: Lodging, breakfast, double haul overview, lunch, 4 days guided fishing, and swag bag.

Not Included: fishing equipment, fishing liscense, air-fare, dinner, alcohol, and gratuities.

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