Montana in the Summer, Patagonia Chile in the Winter

Montana in the Summer, Patagonia Chile in the Winter

Posted by Kara Tripp on May 15th 2019

A long time ago, during winter break from college, I was introduced to one of the most comprehensive travel catalogs the fly fishing industry has ever seen. The Fly Shop catalog is a full-color print … read more

Montana Sisters Disrupt the Fly Fishing Industry with Women in Mind

Posted by Felena Hanson, founder of Hera Hub, interviews incredible business women from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines for Hera Hub’s podcast Flight Club. Giving you a behind-the-scenes look at female entrepreneurship, we focus on sharing backstories of a on Jun 8th 2018

This winter, after Kara returned home from guiding in Patagonia we attended the Wasatch Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo. While at our booth we made a connection that would lead Felena Hanson, founder o … read more

Women's Showcase, Featured Female Angler: Abbie Schuster

Posted by Kara Tripp and Abbie Schuster on May 25th 2016

Damsel Fly Fishing is all about building a community of female anglers from all rivers of life. We like to celebrate these women by showcasing a female angler that's out there living it! This May we a … read more