About Us


In 2013 my Mom attended a Casting for Recovery retreat in Glacier Park. She died September 2014 after a long fight with breast cancer. In her battle for life she showed me what strength looks like, what grace acts like, and what love can overcome. It was her example of courage and determination that gave me the well needed push to finally start Damsel Fly Fishing with my sister Lynae. While she may no longer be with me, her influence can be seen in the products and decisions I make. 


Damsel Fly Fishing has been a dream of mine since I started to regularly fly fish in college. Spending all that time on the water in ill-fitting and unstylish outerwear took a toll on me. After all, just because you're fishing doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good while doing it. When I started to look for a specific women’s brand of fishing apparel I found nothing you could call fashionable and functional.  Hence, the dream for apparel and accessories designed by women anglers for women anglers that is classy and comfortable. 


Damsel Fly Fishing was started by two sisters who are trying to make their dream come alive.  Started by women who have a story to tell through the products they make. Women who fly fish and get their tan lines from being outside. Who understand that even though you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, you want to look classy and comfortable while doing it. We are real women who are making high quality, functional but fashionable accessories to take you from drifts to drinks. 


kara-tripp-co-founder-of-damsel-fly-fishing-fishing-1.jpg Kara Tripp, Founder of Damsel Fly Fishing